Battletank Tungsten Ring

Armed and dangerous!


There is no penetrating this Battletank’s heavy armor as it is made from metal to last you a life time. Charge bravely with style and fashion – with cannons blazing through life’s combat and end up victorious with Battletank Tungsten ring protecting you.


Battletank ring is indeed massive and chunky at 12mm width but this baby wraps around your finger like a supermodel.  This ginormous ring on your digit will make others do nothing else but drool and consider you the one to watch as you just exude with confidence.


With Battletank Ring you will definitely make a massive impact as well as leave a massive impression from the rampage and bombardment you have created as you enter and leave a room.

Here is a ring that would stick with you through thick or thin, through hale or high water yet stay as shiny and good as new as the day you bought it.




Made to Order

12mm wide

22.1 grams

Polished edges, brushed off center with angled grooves and inlaid with carbon fibre.

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