Black Ops Tungsten Rings

There are times when Mad Tungsten and his team need to get in and fight the forces of evil in their own territory. Those are the times for the Black Ops Tungsten Carbide men’s ring.

Powerful, Stealthy, able to blend into any situation, the Black Ops Black Tungsten ring can go wherever you are, and will fit in stylishly with whatever you’re doing.

When you’re in a situation where you just want to remain in the background, undisturbed (or plan to engage in a little wiretapping, burglary, mail-opening, or other black operation) the Black Ops is the perfect companion for your activities.

Polished black tungsten carbide provides comfortable wear all day, any day, and night, and you can even pair it up with the Covert Black Tungsten ring to create the ultimate specialist covert black ops look.
We’ve said it before, they may be Mad Tungsten’s covert ops specialists, but their popularity, style and enduring quality ensures they haven’t gone unnoticed.


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Made to Order

8mm Wide

10.9 grams

Fully polished, black tungsten


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