Codename Rose Tungsten Rings

A Pussy Kat Codenamed Rose.

Roses are heart-stopping beautiful and their aroma is equally show-stopping.   That includes Codename Rose Tungsten Ring for Men.  With her fully polished silver edges and dual inlay of pink carbon fibre, Codename Rose definitely outlasts them all and this is one rose you can wear on your finger.  It surely is elegant and classy in a chunky sort of way but it is a comfortable wear despite hersize.

Codename Rose ring is exceptionally different in that, if every rose has its thorn, this rose has its stones, CZ stones to be exact.  It doesn’t prickle but will definitely create quite a stir especially when you saunter into a room with this on your digit.  You are bound to catch every eye because you ooze with such hot sexiness and mysterious allure.  Everyone will surely wonder what secrets you keep sub Rosa. However dont get on the bad books of rose for she has harnessed the power of inner peace.

Only you know that secret and it is Codenamed Rose.




Made to Order

10 mm wide

13.6 grams

Fully polished tungsten with 2 pink fibre lines and 3 CZ stones inlaid.

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