COMBATANT Tungsten Rings

The Combatant is the symbol of pure, unyielding power. The lucky ones that own this ring will be admired by all and defeated by none. If you’re a true warrior, look no further for the perfect ring.

Like any skilled warrior, the Combatant is a ring in touch with its inner Zen. It has a black plated tungsten center that’s enclosed with a distinct white ceramic exterior. You’ll be at one with yourself and ready to take on the world with this beauty around your finger.

The ring is simple and stylish, designed for the man whose style is sleek with unmatched sophistication.

No war will be unwinnable with the Combatant on your side. You won’t have to worry about being bothered by a vexing ring either, because the Combatant is shaped to fit flawlessly and is designed with a comfort fit in mind that feels so good, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Get your hands on the Combatant today and go into battle knowing your victory is assured.



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Made to Order

8mm Wide

11.2 grams

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