Covert Tungsten Rings

Whenever you want to simply blend into the background or fly under the radar then the Covert Black Tungsten ring should be your ring of choice. Powerful self-confidence and stylish sophistication.

There are times during Mad Tungstens crusade for justice that certain actions are required, ones where it is better the enemy was unsure of who to blame. Those are the times for the Black Ops team and the Covert Black Tungsten men’s ring.

Think soldiers in masks secretly infiltrating an enemy stronghold, the Covert Tungsten ring is a rugged tungsten base finished with polished black ceramic that was designed to be impossible or nearly impossible to see, imperceptible to the eye. Wear it out and about all day, everyday and it will improve your style and look with the utmost confidentiality or secrecy which will have people wondering how on earth you do it.

The Covert is one of those tungsten rings whose mission objectives is to make you look great, which Mad Tungsten is happy for you to be, without any parties knowing who is responsible.


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Made to Order

8mm Wide

Tungsten base with a polished black ceramic finish

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