DEMOLITION Tungsten Rings

When you want to leave a lasting impression that will demolish any doubt about your sense of style and fashion, simply wrap the Demolition Tungsten Carbide ring around your finger and off to a crowded nightclub or marketplace you go.

Brushed and polished Tungsten Carbide, with evenly spaced grooves and white carbon fibre the Demolition Tungsten men’s ring has an understated presence that’ll fit right in with whatever you’re up to. But be careful as the Demolition will most likely take out all competition within a very large radius once you unleash it on an unsuspecting crowd of onlookers.

Get ready for an explosive charge, Mad Tungsten’s Demolition is perfect for burning bridges and is guaranteed to breach the defenses of the coldest wall. Don’t take our word for it though, try it out yourself, and if you’re feeling really game ramp up the impact with more than one…

… You have been warned.




Made to Order

8mm Wide.

15.0 grams

Polished edges with evenly spaced horizontal grooves. Brushed middle and real white carbon fibre.

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