Dynamite Tungsten Rings

The Dynamite Black Tungsten Carbide ring is pure class. In a powerfully explosive classy kinda way that is likely to get you into serious trouble, of the good kind.

With black armor plating and an explosive red carbon fibre strip, the Dynamite Tungsten men’s ring will have a powerful and lasting effect on all those around you. The word Dynamite comes from ancient Greek for “power”, which is exactly what this tungsten ring will give you. the power to look good whether you’re going gangbusters on the frontline or flying first-class to some exotic location with a bevvy of beauties.

The definition of dynamite is a slang term for something outstanding or very dangerous. The Dynamite Black Tungsten men’s ring manages to effectively combine both of those qualities into a single band. Walk into any crowded room and let them know you’ve got Dynamite on you, just wait for the reaction… that’s power right there my friend.

Pure Dynamite.




Made to Order

10mm Wide

17.9 grams

Tungsten with black plating and a red carbon fibre strip

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