Enforcer Tungsten Rings

This is one piece of Tungsten Carbide that won’t take anything lying down. The Enforcer Tungsten men’s ring moves through all levels of society with ease, passing out judgement as and when it is needed.

Once Mad Tungsten and the International Men of Action have been through a neighbourhood protecting the rights of residents and holding rogue jewelers to account, the Enforcer follows through. Just to make sure everyone is playing ball, you understand, no heavy handed tactics used here. Pure suave persuasion and a “take no bull” attitude is all that is usually required to keep the peace and everyone smiling (on the outside at least).

The Enforcer is comfortable enough in most situations and has enough grit to handle the daily grind, yet will on into the night no problems at all. Traditionally associated with violence, aggression and intimidation, the Enforcer Mad Tungsten ring is only going to have a positive impact on your attitude and reputation.

The Enforcer Tungsten Carbide ring is all polished class. The ceramic inserts can be any color you choose to ensure this is one band you’ll be more than happy to have on your side.


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Made to Order

8mm wide

13.6 grams

Polished finish with a ceramic insert. Available with various colour ceramic inserts.

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