GI Tungsten Rings

The GI Tungsten Carbide ring, represents the heart of a fighting force, the general infantry. Without this solid, dependable backbone of strength no fighting force would ever achieve their aims. In the case of Mad Tungsten, without his GI’s, the international Men of Action would be stymied in their crusade for justice.

With a polished finish and a wide strip of real carbon fibre, the GI Tungsten men’s ring shows the characteristics of the fighting men that make up the International Men of Action. Rugged,enduring, strong, capable and versatile are just some of the terms to describe them, Tungsten ring as well.

This is one go-anywhere, do-anything type of ring that would not be out of place on the frontlines or on your wedding day. Now that’s dedication to duty.

Move over GI Joe, it’s time to step up to GI Tungsten, a whole new level of class and style.


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Made to Order

8mm Wide

13.4 grams

Polished shiny finish with  real carbon fibre strip

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