Guerilla Tungsten Rings

Struggling against overwhelming odds? Take ‘em on with the Guerilla Black Tungsten Carbide ring.

Tenacious, extremely durable and lightweight the Guerilla Black Tungsten men’s ring will lend the element of surprise to your style. The tungsten carbide base is black plated, then brushed and conceals a white ceramic interior that no one will see coming.

The Guerilla Tungsten ring is subtle and elegant, yet tough enough to tackle day to day tasks with regular ease. The simple and deceptive exterior is a tactic designed to aid the Guerilla in exploiting the weaknesses of the large numbers of competition around it. Hardly anyone will notice your Guerilla ring straight away, but it’ll sit there waiting to leap out in a surprise attack and show your style with punch and charisma.

The Guerilla is part of the black ops team, it prefers ambushes, sabotage and raids to an outright confrontation and as a smaller team member it likes the advantage from plenty of cover.




Made to Order

8mm Wide

12.8 grams

A crisp white ceramic interior encased with a black plated and brushed tungsten carbide exterior

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