HumVee Tungsten Rings

A multipurpose military vehicle that is big and bold. Kind of sums up the HumVee Tungsten Carbide ring perfectly really.

The HumVee is a high performance Tungsten ring that has the tread, and light armor of black carbon fibre, to head into pretty much any place you want to take it.

It is solid and comfortable enough for you to be out and about all day with it, yet the HumVee Tungsten men’s ring will remain polished and ready at a moments notice when you need to pull it into service for more formal settings.

Big, bold and ready for action, the HumVee is definitely a mans ring, this one’s not for the boys or those of faint-heart. It’s a well built, dependable ring that will give you the confidence to tackle any situation life throws at you. Perfect for when you’re with your mates and “reconnoitering” the talent.




Made to Order

13mm wide

22.5 grams

Fully polished edges with some angled ‘slits’ and a strip of black carbon fibre in the middle.

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