PEACE KEEPER Tungsten Rings

There are three duties that a gentleman prizes: to banish from his bearing violence and levity; to sort his face to the truth; to purge his speech of the low and unfair.”

-Confucius, teacher of the ideal gentleman

The teachings of Confucius say that a real gentleman is a peacekeeper.  With the sleek and stylish Peacekeeper Tungsten ring on your finger, you definitely ooze with gentlemanliness.

You will captivate people’s attention and they will literally keep their eyes peeled on you especially when they see the rose gold intricate detail inlayed around the Peacekeeper ring. You and your peacekeeper ring will surely be the conversation piece.

Peacekeeper Tungsten ring brings out confidence and trust in people and it will safeguard your values and ideals as you deal with others no matter their status or rank.  Let its wisdom guide you through the intricacies of life and lead you to success no matter what road you choose to take.




Made to Order

8 mm wide

12.1 grams

Polished tungsten carbide which is inlaid with a carbon fibre base and a rose gold plated stainless steel intricate pattern

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