Platoon Tungsten Rings

A tactical unit or group on a mission. That’s the Platoon. This Tungsten Carbide ring has a gold plated pattern of interlocking sections on a carbon fibre base which represents the whole Platoon, and nothing but the Platoon so help me God.

Think you can take on the world on your own? Think again son.

Mad Tungsten found out the hard way that he needed the International Men of Action to help in his crusade against shoddy jewelers. No man is an island.

But united we stand. The Platoon Tungsten ring has the strength and rugged endurance to stand up to whatever you throw at it on a daily basis, and with its polished Tungsten Carbide you can choose to wear it on your wedding day as a men’s tungsten wedding ring. The perfect way to show your significant other that you’re linked for eternity.

Nothing will come between you. This Platoon is for life.




Made to Order

8mm Wide

13.5 grams

Polished tungsten carbide which is inlaid with a carbon fibre base and a gold plated intricate pattern

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