Samurai Tungsten Rings

The traits of honor, loyalty and duty. A code that Mad Tungsten and the International Men of action live by. The code of the Samurai.

The Samurai Black Tungsten Carbide ring is an embodiment of the ancient Samurai warrior, with black armor plated tungsten carbide and white carbon fibre strip it is rugged, dependable, and quality craftsmanship at it’s best.

Following a code of bushido the Samurai adhered to concepts of loyalty, self-discipline and respectful ethical behaviour, these concepts gave a strength of character, a confidence that elevated them above the average person and helped them to stand tall.

They were also well-trained, formidable and highly skilled warriors.

With the Samurai Black Tungsten men’s ring you carry the honor and code of the Samurai. Whether wearing armor and sword on the battlefield, or in the court of the Emperor the Samurai Tungsten ring is a dependable ally with you at all times.

Don’t compromise when it comes to your reputation and honor.


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Made to Order

10mm Wide

17.9 grams

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