SILVER STAR Tungsten Rings

The Silver Star is designed for a man of honor who deserves the best. This ring is an exquisite gem to behold and will surely catch everyone’s eye with its remarkably intricate stainless steel design that sets it apart from any other ring you’ve ever owned. It’s a ring of valor, and it will give you the fearlessness and courage you need to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Crafted from polished tungsten carbide inlaid with a carbon fibre base, the Silver Star looks good and feels even better with its comfort-fit shape. You’ve earned a ring that embodies your courageous spirit, and you’ll be able to feel just how awesome the Silver Star is when it’s placed on your finger with pride.

When you’ve got the Silver Star, you’re wearing a symbol of nobility. Everyone will know just how valiant and brave you are. Don’t let them forget it.




Made to Order

8mm Wide

12.5 grams

Polished tungsten carbide which is inlaid with a carbon fibre base and a stainless steel intricate pattern

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