SPECIAL OPS Tungsten Rings

Special Ops, the highly trained and skilled special forces teams that pull off daring raids using unconventional methods for spectacular results

Whatever the occasion, whatever look you need to pull off, the Special Ops Black Tungsten ring will ensure you achieve your mission objective.

Whether you’re involved in spying, sabotage, assassination, or simply looking good the Special Ops Tungsten men’s ring provides the support to help you feel confident and suave in any environment.

The Special Ops Tungsten ring is an elite piece of jewelry, one that Mad Tungsten keeps in the covert black ops team because he knows it can handle any situation that gets thrown at it, It will get you suavely behind enemy lines to inflict as much damage as possible, leaving people unsure of “what the hell just happened” and get you out again, just as smoothly.

The Special Ops Black Tungsten Carbide ring is one cool operator. Are you worthy enough to wear it?




Made to Order

10mm wide

17.9 grams

Polished tungsten black plated and inlaid with a golden yellow carbon fibre insert.

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