STALWART Tungsten Rings

Loyal, firm, true, strong and sturdy.

Those are just how a true stalwart is known for.  As a staunch supporter, your loyalty is highly valued and wearing a Stalwart Tungsten ring just affirms and confirms it. What better way to represent dependability, tried-and-tested, and robustness than a tungsten ring which is widely known as the strongest and most resilient metal there is.

Oh, of course, you will not only be eye candy for the ladies but a good catch and they will surely keep their eye on you as they are looking for stalwart qualities especially when they see the Stalwart Ring on your digit.  This ring is truly eye catching with its phat and stylish silver buffed polished finish and a blue carbide fibre strip.

Let Stalwart Tungsten ring bring you to the highest rung of success. You will attract instant attention as you enter a room and your presence will surely be felt.




Made to Order

10mm wide

16.7 grams

All buffed and polished with blue carbon fibre strip

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