SWAT Tungsten Rings

If a normal day includes entering armored or barricaded buildings, performing hostage rescue and counter-terrorism operations or generally confronting heavily armed criminals, chances are you work for SWAT.

If you don’t happen to, then most likely you’re an International Man of Action who wears a SWAT Black Tungsten Carbide ring and you live an active, rugged lifestyle that has very little room for compromise or lowering of your already high standards.

The SWAT Tungsten men’s ring is not your ordinary joe-blow jewelry. With black armor plating and the telltale sign of the urban blue carbon fibre strip the SWAT is what you want to carry and deploy for situations where you are not sure what is going to happen or you need the assurance of some special weapons and tactics to make sure you stay in control.

When Mad Tungsten and his boys are out in the urban jungle you can guarantee that they have the SWAT Tungsten ring with them, ready for action.


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Made to Order

10mm Wide

17.7 grams

Tungsten with black plating and a blue carbon fibre strip

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