Tank Tungsten Rings

Well built to handle whatever obstacle stands in the way, the Tank Black Tungsten men’s ring is your armored combat jewelry. Ready for deployment at a moments notice and capable of ensuring you are confident, looking the part and tactically sound both offensively and defensively, no matter what you happen to be involved with at the time.

The tracks of the Tank Tungsten Carbide ring provide operational mobility at all times, whatever the environment, and rest assured the firepower that the Tank packs will ensure you stand out and get noticed while directly assaulting your enemies own sense of style and causing them to tremble and retreat in disarray.

When life throws up a bad situation your Tank Tungsten ring is like your personal mobile strike force, ready to help you persevere and get through what would normally discourage anyone else. When they head to town, the International men of Action take a Tank along for the ride.




Made to Order

8mm Wide

10.0 grams

A blend of tungsten and ceramic all polished up and gleaming

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