TRIDENT Tungsten Rings

When you want to rule, wear a Trident.

Just like Poseidon ruling the seas, rule over and control what happens in life’s stormy waters with Trident Tungsten Ring on your finger.  This is just the ring for you because Trident ring gives you the power over your destiny with its polished edges and brushed silver finish.

Rule over your love’s heart with Trident Ring as your wedding band as this ring will safeguard your commitment to living a fulfilled life with her for a whole lifetime.  This is the best choice you have ever made if you settle with Trident.

With Trident Ring on your finger, people will see that you are the one to watch as you enter a room exuding with suave and confidence because in your hand you wield such power and authority.  The impression that you leave makes them wanting for more. So what more can you ask for?




Made to Order

8mm Wide

12.7 grams

Brushed in the middle and polished on the outsides with subtle grooves to define

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