How to choose the perfect wedding dress-MadTungsten

How to choose the perfect wedding dress-MadTungsten

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Weddings make for the most memorable day in every individual’s life. For a girl it also means having to look your stunning best –from the wedding dress, accessories and jewelry to the hairstyle, ceremony, guests, premises, reception, shoes and make-up. There is a wide variety of styles and dresses to choose from. You may feel slightly overawed when you look at the large range available around you but almost every bride goes through this even though it is a tough exercise. The most important factor to be considered is the budget. A wedding dress could start at a price of $1000 and more depending on how elaborate a wedding dress you desire.

The first and most important thing to remember is that everyone is unique in their own way – height, weight, figure and more. What may look good on your best friend or sister may not necessarily look good on you. You have to always keep in mind that you have to look good and comfortable on your big day. The different types of figures girls have include: Pear-shaped where you find girls having narrow shoulders, curved hips and a small waist. The Straight figure where girls are certainly not curvaceous but lean. The Hourglass figure which is a picture-perfect figure, the Inverted Triangle figure which includes broad shoulders, heavy chest and almost invisible hips.

A lot of planning and decision making is involved in getting the right wedding dress for the bride-to-be. Most girls are drawn towards long-flowing bridal gowns or exotic dresses. One can either go online – the web has much to offer or one can go through niche magazines which cater to bridal wear. These include Weddings With Style, Premier Brides, Getting Married, Martha Stewart Weddings, Inside Weddings Modern Bride and The Knot Wedding. Every girl wants to walk down the aisle in a dress that flatters her persona, looking her best!

Very often, people tend to visit local bridal stores and try out a range of dresses of varying styles. You have to pay attention to minute details – from the style of the dress to the right fit and alterations which may ensue. Almost all girls are concerned with maintaining a constant body weight from their engagement to wedding day.

Gone are the days of wearing white gowns. Today, girls prefer colors which complement their skin tones and choose from a range of colors – from ivory, blue and pink to white, red, emerald green and pale lemon.

The first and most easy simple process is to understand the type of gown (if you so choose to wear one) would suit you the best. Go through as many websites, photographs and wedding blogs and get an insight into which one would flatter your figure to the hilt and offer you both, elegance and grace.

Long flowing gowns do full justice to tall and slender figures. They accentuates their curves delightfully. Ball gowns, in particular, are made of heavy material and require special care to carry them off with finesse.

Amongst the many interesting designs, some of the popular ones include the ‘A-line’ pattern is traditional but stylishly simple. An A-line dress fits around your figure well and seamlessly spreads out just like the alphabet ‘A’ – hence the name. The length of an A-line dress could start from just above the knee and flow downwards. A-line dresses can be stitched from either satin or silk. The A-line pattern also includes a ‘princess-cut’ version. This is more striking and often stands out as it involves vertical panels incorporated from the neckline to the hem. These gowns help hide flaws, especially for those who are heavy on the lower side.

The second most popular is the ‘Column’ dress. This is of a narrow shape. It flows from the top to the base. Popularly referred to as a ‘Sheath’ it offers a fitting hug to the body for the bride to flaunt her curves. This is best made of a heavy material like Damask. The design is well suited to girls who are of average height making them look taller. Because of their perfect fit, ‘Column dresses’ tend to restrict a bride’s dance steps, so if you are the dancing type, avoid them.

Fashion trends keep changing and you can well combine the current trend and innovate upon it with e.g. enhancing with a lot of bead and lace work tastefully stitched on the gown or having a V-neck of an elegant lace culminating at the lower back. Some girls prefer to make the back of the gown from the neck to the waist downwards stunning with tiny pearls held on silk threads in an inter-twining pattern.

At the start, the most fashionable trend included long-sleeved wedding dresses. That slowly gave way to covering up the neck and upper chest! A long-sleeved wedding gown with a high necklines lends a very classic touch to a bride’s attire. The tall and slim girls can look heavenly in figure hugging gowns featuring draped Chantilly lace highlighted with hand-beaded lace appliques. This can be further enhance with an open back bodice made complete with covered button closures and a satin slim underskirt of organza and complementing beaded lace appliqued layer on top.

The Ball gown is the one which could transform the ambiance. A well-fitting bodice and a full skirt, this can make a bride look enchanting. The bride can decide on having a separate skirt or include it as a single piece. Complemented with long gloves, Ball gowns grace traditional weddings perfectly. Ball gowns are best made from chiffon or satin and would suit a tall and slender person rather than someone who is petite and on the heavy side. Long flowing gowns, Strapless gowns and gowns with long trains complement elaborate weddings

The ‘Mermaid’ design as the name suggests emphasizes a girl’s curve to the fullest. This can be best designed in a Halter, Flamenco or Strapless variations. Figure hugging from the chest and waist up to the knee, it then spreads out to the hem. Anyone with a good figure could do justice to this bridal dress as long as they can carry it off with élan.
Mermaid gowns do full justice to the girls with the absolute stunning figures. These gowns follow the contours of the hips and thighs and just spread out below the knees giving an enthralling look to the bride. The fitting from the top to the waist and the flare from the waist to the hem and below is an unmatched combination of style and grace.

Girls with slim figures should opt for ‘Sheath’ gowns. These gowns are perfect for slender bodies because they fit well and are not for those who are on the heavy side.

The ‘Empire waist gowns’ are ideal for the less formal affairs – simple weddings. These gowns look best when stitched from light-weight material.

It’s always nice to try and visualize yourself in a variety of gowns, understand if the style, colors and the fabric would do justice to your entire persona.

When choosing your wedding dress, a lot of attention has to be paid to the minutest of details like the buttons, the lace, if any, the length of the hem, the length of the sleeves, the neck line and its shape. The dress may be of the most expensive material but it must be perfect in every aspect. The top portion of the dress i.e. from the waist up has to be absolutely captivating as that is the first things guests notice.

A wedding dress should be designed in a manner in which you feel you look absolutely stunning. On your wedding day, your wedding dress needs to be your second skin – only then will you shine with an additional glow.

Very often girls prefer to get their wedding dresses stitched by someone they know very well – either a friend, an aunt or a friend’s friend – someone with whom they can sit for hours and discuss the finer elements of the dress. Very often stores catering only to wedding attire may have a large variety to choose from but you may still not find a size to suit you perfectly. Under such circumstances, girls prefer to go in for a size to which they make requisite alterations suited to their physical persona. This works out well as you end up buying something you are keen on and with the right kind of modifications, you are more than happy with a dress of your choice.

Fashion designers as a profession has really boomed over the years with designers specializing in designs for different occasions, weddings being one of them. If you have the right finances you can always hire the services of a fashion designer – known or budding- and get a designer wedding dress for yourself. You never know, your dress may become a style statement for others to follow! Here are a few things you should consider. If you have a nice slim body you could consider a stunning backless ‘Lace and Tulle’ wedding dress with a Lace bateau neckline – this gives you a good fit at the top and flares around from your waist to the hem stylishly.

If you are heavy on the top, it is always wise to consider an elegantly designed neck-line without revealing too much. Strapless gowns are the ideal solution in such cases as they make for a wonderful camouflage of your assets. In such cases it’s wise to avoid satin, silk and organza as they tend to add weight to the material making you look bigger than you actually are.
For the girls who are really large in size, avoid a dress with too many folds and a flare like pattern as that will make you look anything but slender. Gowns of a lighter fabric would suit your frame better. Complementing jewelry would enhance the overall look of the gown and the bride!

Not all girls have hour-shaped figures but that shouldn’t be of concern as such girls can also look gorgeous if they pick and choose the right wedding dress. In this case, what would do justice to such girls would be a dress with an attractive low sweetheart neckline ball gown wedding dress rich in lace. The V- shaped neckline would give a slim look and would be the most arresting feature of the dress. A big no-no to dresses with a flare as they would only add to your appearance, making you look more bulky.

A sheath dress comes to the rescue of the very lean figured girls. Sheath dresses are known for creating the much-needed curves where they are most needed on a girl making her look just right in her special dress. Another good alternative would be to decide on a ball gown that fits you well at the waist and then just flows onto the floor adding an illusion of weight where required and making you come a complete circle in your wedding attire.

For the tall ones, if it’s a dress or gown, it should have a low waistline to flatter your height. Tall girls draw attention very naturally and an elaborate dress could be a dampener. The dress could be stylishly simple with intricate lace on the neckline, long lace sleeves reaching out to the wrists and a fitting bodice from the waist down. Gowns with a huge skirt and an absolutely fitted bodice at the waist will make tall lean girls look more curvy. Strapless high-low ball gowns would complement tall girls to the core!

Trends tend to change with every passing day. From Lace, Organza, Embroidery, to Empire Waist, Tulle, Long sleeves, Corset, Beading and more, the styles of wedding dresses change faster than you know. What is important is to find the one that complements your features to detail, matches your skin tone, looks rich on you and makes you feel totally comfortable. The dress is going to be a memorable one forever and you must look like a million dollars.

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