A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Twist Restaurant by Pierre Gagnaire

A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

To woo your lady love in the right ambience at a right place is enough to set the night on fire!

The right ambience, the quietude and the privacy make a world of a difference to a perfect setting.  You have to choose the most romantic restaurant to make the outing magical and memorable. From the locale to the seating to the cuisine – everything needs to be absolutely perfect.

The world does not have a dearth of breathtaking romantic restaurants which have a profuse offering of the best in cuisine, location and ambience.

Some of the most romantic restaurants are located amidst serene surroundings. They are captivate, charm and welcome their patrons with a service unmatched across borders.

Crabtree’s Kittle House – Chappaqua, NY

crabtrees kittle house A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in









Located in the town of New Castle, in northern Westchester County, New York, this restaurant transports you to an inn of the 18th century. The dining options are simply marvelous offering everyone something delicious. A delectable Crab cuisine of ‘Maryland soft shell’ and ‘Maine peekytoe’ will make you want to gorge a lot. This with the presence of a wine cellar which boasts of a range of 67,000 wines of 6,000 labels is enough to make your evening a grand one. The place exudes a style which is evident through its numerous dining rooms. John Crabtree, the owner, has seen local celebrities and devoted clients patronize his restaurant like bees to honey. The very private 16-seat table space, close to the wine cellar is often booked for very personal affairs. A light white bean & roasted garlic veloute with crispy kale and pancetta foam, an Italian pizetta with a Japanese twist, tuna sushi on a sushi rice cake, and jalapeño and spicy Japanese aioli forms a part of the first course, enormous as it may seem. The main course, which is equally rich, is followed by a range of delicious desserts enough to distract your loved one.

The place has been party to many weddings with everyone raving about the overall experience. Everyone who visits Crabtree’s Kittle House can never stop talking about the wonderful aperitifs, cocktails, and appetizers. Filling and delicious, it is a wholesome experience.

img src: http://www.kittlehouse.com/

The French Room -Dallas, TX

The French room is one of the most   venerated dining restaurants which demands wearing of jackets making it all the more intriguing in this age and time. The restaurant has been a timeless and mute witness to many a marriage proposal which have seen the light of the day. The rich architecture design is awe-inspiring and will make you probe into the history behind it. A highly romantic restaurant, it personifies perfection in every minute detail from the décor and service to the wine and food.  Every diner is spoilt for choice. You can decide on your own three course prix-fix menu or leave it to the chef. The experience is tasteful to the core.  The service is friendly, attentive and unobtrusive.

Chef Marcos Segovia who manages the kitchen in its entirety leaves no room for the slightest complain. The cuisine includes a variety of crostini and quince jam, a range of beef delicacies the Hudson Valley foie gras with avocado cream and oven-roasted tomato. Soufflé and warm apple tart for dessert are unmatched leaving you craving for more.  Wines from California and France can bring about an adrenalin rush complementing the romanticism.

french room 300x104 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

The French Room



img src: http://www.hoteladolphus.com/dining/the-french-room

Glynn County  

Situated in the very Victorian Jekyll Island Club Hotel Grand Dining Room. Its stunning interiors are captivating. It has a landscape setting of live Oaks which are artistically draped with Spanish moss outside really wide windows. The candlelit columns inside along with the marble fireplaces make the entire place surreal, belonging to an era gone by. Rated as having one of the most romantic dining rooms in the state, the Jekyll Island Club Hotel is an enviable premise.  The main produce comes from the nearby Sapelo Farms and Baker Farms.  Though Dale ford, the chef who joined the place recently brought interesting variations to the menu the local flavors and traditions remain unchanged.  A very unique dish is the Coca-Cola-braised pork belly which is topped with grilled scallop. This is enriched with butternut squash purée and microgreens. Their menu includes a range of rich fish delicacies.  The desserts are simple though the wines are available in plenty to choose from. If you are a wine connoisseur you will love their very special offerings.

If you want to consider being with the love of your life from the maddening crowds of planet earth ‘The Lodge’ at Koele Dining Room’ in Lanai City, Hawai is the place to be in.  Lanai City is a census-designated place (CDP) on the island of Lanai, in Maui County, Hawaii (USA). This restaurant is situated at a height of 1600 feet above sea level in the central highlands of Lanai and is slave to the capricious weather of that place. From sudden fog to very warm sunshine, you can be in for a surprise always.

 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Lodge’ at Koele Dining Room’








img src: http://www.fourseasons.com/koele/dining/

The Lodge at Koele Dining Room is a desirable romantic haven, miles away from everyday chaos.  You can ask for a table by the wood-burning fireplace or by one of the windows which offers an arresting view of the sprawling green surroundings. The local flavors and ingredients are a part of every dish on the menu – from the shrimps to the crabs. The sea-food offerings are tastefully cooked and presented making you indulge like never before. A four-course delicious menu titled ‘Earth, Sky, Ocean and Land’ costs $110 and brings you a copious choice complemented with à la carte offerings. Their signature soufflé is by far inimitable and enjoyable. A range of wines from across the world can make your romantic sojourn the most memorable experience. Reputed for its amazing service, ‘The Lodge’ is everyone’s romantic experience.

 The Miros 

Restaurant located in the southern Santa Barbara county of California (USA), offers the most arresting views to their patrons. The scenic delights from this restaurant can be as distracting as your beau and the restaurant. The restaurant is named after Joan Miro, a Spanish artist whose characteristic artwork is well reflected in the brightly painted walls and the embroidered plates on the tabletops. This place is stylish to the core, artistically designed and makes you gorge on the most wonderful American cuisine. 15,000-bottle wine cellar adds variety to elegance. The dining restaurant of the Bacara Resort & Spa flatter their visitors with  a spacious dining room both, in the private cellar room downstairs and on the popular outdoor deck which offers a phenomenal view of the pacific ocean in all its grandeur.

Miros restuarant 300x199 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Miros Restuarant









img src: http://mirospalmsprings.com/

The cuisine is varied and includes European, Swiss and French delights. From the starters to the main dishes, everything is invigorating. The wines are delectable and the desserts are an unforgettable experience.  The desserts include ‘torched’ butterscotch pudding with Baileys ‘air’ and pistachio macaroon ice cream sandwich with hot fudge and thyme-braised pistachios. Famous for its extremely friendly staff and impeccable service, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this restaurant makes you indulge!

Located in Chicago, IL, the North Pond restaurant with its prairie-style décor, the natural surroundings – views of the pond and the city skyline – make the ambience a perfect romantic getaway. The seasonal offering of fine French & American cuisine is varied and delectable and the quality is par excellence. Beginning with the tasting menu which is a never-ending and exciting experience to the wines and the desserts, the North Pond pampers its patrons to unbelievable limits.  The stunning surroundings are well complemented with the rich offering of wines at their bar. One of the most striking features is the room housing nine-foot French doors. This offers its patrons an amazing bird’s-eye view of the pond, the park as well as the city skyline. Tucked away amidst the most natural scenery of Chicago, the North Pond is well worth patronizing.

the North Pond restaurant 300x213 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

The North Pond Restaurant










img src: http://www.northpondrestaurant.com/

Restaurant Marché is situated in Bainbridge Island, west of the City of Seattle. Situated amidst a shopping center, this restaurant exudes a unique warmth and coziness. The seating includes a small area near the bar and a dining room with banquettes with a metal counter giving you a view of the open kitchen. You could also enjoy being seated in the outdoor patio.

Restaurant Marche 300x152 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Restaurant Marché








img src: http://www.restaurantmarchebainbridge.com/

The food is inspired from the Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market and includes local flavors. The place transports you to a very French setting with its French dishes like onion soup, chicken liver pâté and salad complemented with Pacific Northwestern delicacies of grilled wild salmon with rhubarb and ginger compote. The desserts consist of salted caramel nut tart paired with refreshing mint ice cream. The wine selection is limited but enjoyable. You can also choose from various microbrews and classic cocktails.  Attentive and speedy service is the trademark of this restaurant. The entire experience is tasteful in all aspects.

‘1789 Restaurant’ – Is a restaurant with a history. Located in the heart of historic Georgetown, it six dining rooms. Each of these has American historic paintings/art which portrays the elegant atmosphere of 1789.

1789 restaurant 300x126 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

1789 Restaurant







img src: http://1789restaurant.com/

This restaurant serves amazingly well-prepared food. High-quality food from local farms, this restaurant has an old world charm with the right kind of appetising offerings. Its unmatched ‘foie gras torch on’ is a must-have’ and a favourite of all. The seafood variety includes cod, snapper, salmon, and scallops. Some of the hot favourites include the lamb shoulder, squab, and a pork duo.  The restaurant is famous for its ‘white truffle’ over hand-cut tagliatelle in truffle butter sauce as well as beef carpaccio with hazelnuts.Desserts include the very yummy ‘pumpkin pie’ made with raisin jam and dried cherry cream, and a shortbread with fig and walnut jam. The collection of wines goes beyond a variety of 200 collected from the world’s best vintners. You can enjoy these wines by the glass or by the half bottle.

Owned by Chef Kevin Nashan, the ‘Sidney Street Café’ is a one-stop destination for the best with regards to location, food, service and ambience. People patronize this restaurant to get engaged, celebrate special occasions like anniversaries and often, just to treat their loved ones to a special experience. Famous for its steaks which come with either egg pasta or wasabi, one can also enjoy rabbit legs; Missouri lamb and down it all with some very fine wines. The mouth-watering desserts include a wide-ranging variety amongst which the more notable ones include passion fruit gel, crispy ginger meringue, golden raisins and butternut squash sorbet. A place where everyone is served to utmost satisfaction! Popularly voted as the most romantic venue, the restaurant never fails to surprise you with a special treat to make the experience an indelible one.  Regulars to this restaurant keep spreading the amazing experience.

Sidney Street Café 300x200 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Sidney Street Café









img src: http://sidneystreetcafe.com/

The ‘Twist’ is one of the top restaurants in Las Vegas, offering innovative French cuisine and spectacular skyline view. The restaurant is situated on the twenty-third floor of the very expensive Mandarin Oriental hotel.  Owned by Pierre Gagnaire, this restaurant goes to the next level to treat their guests in the most gracious manner possible, making their experience an unforgettable one. We were a group of 6 and treated like royalty. The twenty feet tall windows give a stunning view of the city skyline. The restaurant houses sixty seats but does have an arrangement of an additional twelve seats in a private room. Quality is synonymous with the ‘Twist’. The restaurant offers a lavishdining experience which can be enjoyed amidst a serene setting. Unique in design which consists of stylish white cracked-eggshell walls accompanied by suspended pearls of illuminated bulbs, the experience is surreal.  The presentations are tastefully professional.  The entire dining experience, beginning with the main courses, the desserts and the wines is a class apart.Pierre Gagnaire, when present in the restaurant visits every table to greet the diners. His personal touch and unique offering is reflected in every element of the place and the cuisine served. A wonderful culinary experience, of which comes a full circle with its wine cellar housed in a dramatic glass-enclosed loft above the dining room.

las vegas restaurant twist 300x142 A romantic dining–the 10 best restaurants you ought to propose in

Twist Restaurant by Pierre Gagnaire








img src: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/lasvegas/fine-dining/twist-by-pierre-gagnaire/

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