Top Twenty (20) Dream Wedding Locations – MAD TUNGSTEN

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Top Twenty (20) Dream Wedding Locations – MAD TUNGSTEN

Twenty(20) Dream Wedding Locations – MAD TUNGSTEN

Our planet is home to some exotic locales – hills, palaces, castles, beaches, and depending on how rich you feel and how much you have to splurge you can choose from sunny beaches to heritage places for your wedding location.  Destinations help you to plan a very simple reception or a private dinner allowing for maximum revelry at a practical budget with good planning in advance. You must however, research the requirements of a local marriage and the various laws associated with the same to have a hassle-free wedding.

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  1. ‘The Big Island’- Hawaii

An archipelago of eight islands, ‘The Big Island’ is on top of the list of the most fascinating wedding destinations. ‘The Big Island’ as the name suggests is the largest of amongst this chain of islands with 13 different climatic zones. The beautiful landscape varies across the island. On the west i.e. the Kona coast, the landscape is similar to that of our Moon. The east and northern regions include a lot of lush and wet regions. Activities like snorkelling, horseback riding and the beaches can pamper your guests. The ideal time would be between the months of May and October when the weather gets dry. Winters include very brief rain showers lending a romantic ambience to the entire surroundings but tourists tend to visit the island making it extremely crowded.

  1. The island of Maui

This island is rated as the most romantic island of Hawaii. Generously endowed with waterfalls, the scenic rainbows form a fairy-like landscape. The western region popularly known as the ‘golf coast’ is an area of immense pleasure for surfers. The beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and the water waves are rated amongst the world’s best!  Wedding guests can indulge in activities like kayaking, whale watching, snorkelling all of which will make for a photographic memories. The best time to host a wedding is the same as that of ‘The Big Island’.

  1.  The ‘Garden Isle’ of Kauai

The ‘Garden Isle’ of Kauai, is a verdant island with a stunning landscape lending it an enigmatic touch. Commercially, it is the lesser developed island and makes for a perfect get-a-way for a bliss-filled wedding. Though Mount Waialeale is geographically the wettest spot on our planet, the south of the island is warm with plenty of sunshine. Hiking, surfing and helicopter tours can give the wedding guests an enthralling experience.


If you want a wedding with fairy tale castles in the background the small country of Scotland in the United Kingdom with it highlands and famous moors serve as an amazing setting for a dream-like wedding.  The landscape is varied and dynamic offering a picturesque setting as you move from one region to the other. The country with its rich history and museums has a quaint charm that can be captured on lens making it a memorable event. The couple and their guests can enjoy a trip to the famed Edinburgh Castle and the UN World Heritage.


If you and your beau want to take your vows amidst the setting of 15th century castles, and churches, then Ireland is the ultimate wedding location. The beautiful landscape and the hospitable Irish are to a different experience altogether. Country manors, colourful gardens, scenic hills, and traditional villages by the seaside enhance the natural beauty of this country. The months of May and September are perfect for weddings. You can enjoy discounts from October until March, especially in the northwest and west regions of Ireland. Golfing, pub-hopping or taking in the whiffs of the varied culture are wonderful experiences.

6. Miami -Florida:

If you love beaches and the sunshine, Miami, situated along the Atlantic coast in south-east Florida is picture-perfect. An international centre, its stunning beaches and warm sunshine create the enviable landscape for a bright and cheerful environment. Its eye-catching art-deco architecture is a must-see and for all. The months from December through April would be ideal for a wedding. Summers are more economical if the heat can be ignored. The months of February and March are when tourists visit in large numbers. Avoid these months.

7. New York:

Love the buzz of the cities, the crowds, the night lights, shopping arcades – then plan your wedding in New York! You will find enough and more services to cater to your wedding – from florist, photographers and musicians to caterers, venues and more – it is all yours to choose from. Your guests can be treated to the aura of art galleries, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, ice-skate in Central Park and the varied restaurants to satiate their gourmet needs. A wedding can be planned almost throughout the year – it depends on what you like, the indoors or the outdoors though the months of July and August are extremely hot.

 8. Loire Valley, France:

A wedding set amidst the romantic Loire Valley is a much-desired for destination for all romanticists. Historic villages, formidable castles, rich and varied wine and food, the Loire Valley is unbelievably magical! Located at a distance of two hours from Paris, this is famous for its Chateau d’Ussé, in the Rigny- Ussé village and serves as the setting of the French fairy tale of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’. When in France, the wine-tasting tours are a must to pamper your guests with. The months of July and August can be best avoided for weddings because of the large number of visiting tourists. The perfect timing would be from the months of April through June and September through November.

  1. Bahamas:

The friendly Bahamas, as they are known are a natural setting for a wedding set amidst sparkling white sandy beaches and beautiful weather. The islands are diverse, and a little research or island-hopping at the start will help you make a choice to organize the perfect wedding. The islands are a huge attraction for their wildlife, crystal clear waters, world class casinos, diving activities and brilliant shopping avenues. A wedding on Exuma Island would make for a quiet affair while the Grand Bahamas would be more fun-filled. Your guests can enjoy the famous the ancient ruins, the markets and enjoy water sports like surfing, snorkelling, remote bone-fishing expedition or just sun-bathing on the beaches. These islands add a definite mystique to a wedding. All the islands are low-lying and flat. You could plan a wedding anytime of the year in these sunny islands which are sure to lend you a nice tan as well.

 10. Europe:

Rome – Italy: Wine and song and the magic of the most creative and tasteful monuments for a wedding – the destination has to be Italy in Rome! The scenic backdrops, the ancient ruins, the churches, the cobbled stones, the charming villas complemented with looming castles and palaces make it an inimitable wedding destination. The months from April – June and September- October are perfect in terms of weather despite many visitors. It is best to avoid the hot months of both, July and August with the latter being a month of total vacation for Italians keeping mast outlets shut throughout the entire month.


  1. Tuscany, Italy

The city of Tuscany lies on the west coast of central Italy and is enchanting with its vineyards, olive groves lush green valleys and its enviable architecture and art that dates back to the 15th century. Tuscany with its castles and wine estates makes for a romantic, rustic and captivating wedding destination.  Amidst these settings, the constant ambience of a siesta will make your guests crave for the best wines and cuisine, Italy is famous for. From a variety of cheese to olives, roasted meats and ricotta, your wedding will be one big gourmet affair.  The finest weather with perfect temperatures occurs during the months of May, September and October and planning a wedding would be ideal during these months though the place gets over-crowded with tourists.  If you can ignore that, you can have the finest romantic wedding in Tuscany!

  1. South America:

The mysterious Incan ruins of Machu Picchu and the warm golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro of South America are just two of the myriad wonders to add the much needed spice to a wedding set amidst the diverse landscape of this continent.  You can plan a wedding outdoors, near the Iguacu waterfalls, or at Machu Picchu (of course, after due authorisation has been given for the same) of you could plan it in the quietude of its many islands, South America is picturesque by all standards for a wedding location. Vineyards, beaches, and cultural festivities are a part of this continent and you could either club your wedding with the many festivities or make it a small private affair and treat your guests to the magical spots of the country.  The clear waters of the Amazon, the Iguacu waterfalls, the red rock canyons leave, the very traditional cultures in some parts all leave you enchanted and wanting more. Great care needs to be taken to organize a wedding amidst the small town centres or the cities and not too far away from the maddening crowds because of existing diverse cultures. A lot depends on the region you choose as climatic conditions vary from coast to coast and you could plan based on the season accordingly.

  1. Iceland–

Better known as the ‘land of fire & ice’ offers you mountain ranges, hot springs, snow-covered glaciers and yes, active volcanoes. This Nordic island is full of interesting surprises. A wedding during the summer months in the capital of Reykjavik, which is the northernmost city in the world would be a bright affair with the sunshine available for twenty-two hours of the day. Your guests can get entertained with white-water rafting, whale-watching, hiking or just clicking photographs of this very beautiful country. The city of Reykjavik is also a hub of artistic ventures and while your guests could partake in that there are enough museums, restaurants and shops to seek a little more adventure.


  1. Las Vegas, Nevada:

The thrill of having a wedding in Las Vegas is of a different kind from every aspect. If you are an Elvis Presley fan, you can hire Elvis impersonators attending upon you during the wedding. You can organize your wedding at a blackjack table set as a ‘make-believe’ altar for you and your beau to exchange your wedding rings and enjoy the gamble to a riotous laughter. Many hotels offer very economic wedding packages which can also be used if you have made a last-minute decision to have your wedding in Las Vegas. The months of September and October are perfect to have a dizzying, fun-filled and unique wedding – a true gamble for life!

  1. FIJI:

Soft-coral reefs and pristine white sand beaches complemented with lush forests make Fiji a romantic setting for a scenic wedding. Situated in the south pacific, the islands of Fiji offer a lot of water sports entertainment – something you can treat your guests to – Diving, Yachting, and Boating or just laze on the beach! All the islands have always attracted people from around the globe. You can have your wedding at a private resort or a rented bungalow giving your guests a feeling of being at home in this exotic place.

  1. Greece:

Famous for its very desirable Mediterranean climate, a wedding in Greece could be combined with a tour of exploration for everyone. The mesmerising ancient history, the coastal villages, the mythology of the place, all make it a worthwhile location to celebrate and enjoy your most important day in life!

The famous islands of  Crete and Santorini are much pursued for organising special occasions like weddings. With a splendid display of food, wine and the very friendly folks, there is enough entertainment in the form of horse-riding and exploring vineyards to make your wedding a ‘big, fat Greek wedding’.

  1. Australia

The land ‘down-under’ has always been a hot-spot for wedding destinations and for more than one reason. The extremely landscapes varying from coastal regions to dry, arid deserts, make for attractive places to take the marital plunge. From exploring the wonders of the rich aborigine culture to the modern urban cities, Australia is one big marvelous experience. The natural sand barriers, the Great Barrier Reef, lush forests and sky-high bridges along with thrilling white-water rafting, trekking and scuba diving, you can make your wedding celebration an unforgettable one for your guests as well.  This land of kangaroos and endearing koalas makes for a wonder wedding safari! Though some parts of this peaceful continent are extremely hot, the best months for a wedding would be from December through March though one needs to pack one’s trousseau with sun-gear as well.

  1. Costa Rica

Are you into Nature at its best? If yes, then Costa Rica is ‘the’ wedding destination for you.  Its magnificent coastlines and white sandy beaches are ideal for an outdoors. This small country offers you an opportunity to get married on the edge of a volcano! If you’re dreaming of a beach bash, how do sun-baked stretches of white sand sound? Lots for your guests – rain forest lodges and bungalows to bask in the luxury of the lush forests can make your guests wanting to stretch their stay. Avoid the dry season-from late December through April. Avoid the Caribbean coast. It always experiences a wet spell so unless you are want to enjoy a rain-dance at your wedding, let go.

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  1. New Zealand

Hot springs, beautiful forests, long golden beaches, waterside canyons and snow-capped Southern Alps New Zealand a stunning location for a wedding.  Depending on your choice of climate, you could plan your wedding during the warm months of December through February or the very cold months of June through August the latter making your wedding a tight-hugging affair.  Vineyards and olive groves are a big indulgence for guests and you can get drunk easily.

  1. South Africa:

The varied country of South Africa with its highly exotic scenery, beaches, wildlife preserves and vineyards clubbed with the picturesque villages, grasslands full of beautiful coloured birds and mountains make South Africa an unmatched choice for the best wedding destination. If you are interested in a beach wedding, you can plan one from December through February and if an indoors wedding during winter, the months of June through August would be perfect. You can treat your guests to adventurous safari trips which they will are sure to remember for a long, long time.

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