What we put into our Tungsten Rings

All Mad Rings are engineered using only jewelry graded tungsten carbide. Our alloy composition is bound with nickel to create the best possible blanks for your ring.

We mix them with gold, silver, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Ceramic and other great ingredients to produce the range of stunning Mad Rings as you see them. The Carbon Fiber and Kevlar that we use is finished to a high gloss before they are inlaid in our rings making them water proof. Tungsten carbide being an industrial alloy due to its physical properties like hardness, scratch resistance etc., makes it a great option to use for hard wearing jewelry, which is why most Mad rings have a tungsten base.

Factual support can extend to a long list, including, being second on Mohs scale, next to diamonds on hardness.
Materials we use

Carbon Fiber and Kevlar in Tungsten Rings

Readily sourced, Carbon Fibre adds an element of future to the look. Used in space missions, Formula one and even doing up your car. We have gone the next step and integrated Kevlar into our rings. Carbon Kevlar has such desirable properties that the International Men of Action wear vest made of carbon Kevlar to stop bullets. They are similar to Carbon Fibre in appearance, however display a holographic look. Gold and Silver Traditional materials that rings have been made of for generations. We do like to throw them in the mix and use genuine gold and silver in a few designs and believe they make a great combination.

Mad Tungsten Rings Made of Ceramic

Ceramic goes really well with a tungsten base and has some great properties that make it desirable. Besides having a nice shimmering tone, coloured Ceramic maintains its color, and mixed with tungsten this makes a great base for a ring.

Stones on Our Tungsten Wedding Bands

Stones are hard to leave out when we talk jewelry, as they have so become a part of it. While many prefer no stones, there is the other lot who cannot just have a ring without stones in them. We use synthetic diamonds or popularly known as Cubic Zirconia (ZRo2) in some of our stones.


Rings Made of Stainless Steel

Why? Remember when was the last time you had to upgrade your cutlery because it was worn not because it went out of place? Probably never, and this is exactly why, stainless steel has quite a bit of desirable properties which makes great jewelry.


Tungsten Color Bands withResin

Hardened lacquer is used to give some element of color to some of our styles and greatly accentuates plain bands.


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